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7. Why It's Harmful

When our body's organs are invaded by malignant tumors they cannot carry out their life-sustaining functions. and death may follow.

Tumor size can range from a peanut (two centimeters or smaller) to as large as a lime.Malignant Tumors
As cancer cells multiply, the mass of cells eventually forms a malignant tumor and it will reside within human organs such as our lungs or colon.

Tumor Size
Measurement of tumor size is an important part of cancer diagnosis. As the tumor size becomes larger (as a general rule) treatment of the cancer will become more challenging.

Very large tumor, in the middle of two lung lobes, shows how the organ can become dysfunctional.Organ Invasion
Left unchecked a malignant tumor will grow larger and displace more tissue within its resident organ. Before long the organ that has been invaded will become totally dysfunctional and sustaining human life may then become impossible.

Colon tissue becomes displaced as the malignancy progresses.