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4. Fighting Side-by-Side

In fighting cancer the patient should not feel alone. Millions of other Americans are fighting the disease or are proud survivors. Also in the fight is a coalition of laboratory researchers, highly specialized doctors and hospitals, insurers and others who can help the patient navigate the health care system.

Big Pharma -- spends $20 billion/yr on cancer R&D

NCI -- spends $4 billion/yr on R&D

Nonprofits -- spend $1 billion/yr on R&D

Hospitals - best 21 in the NCCN Network

Insurers -- Medicare, along with private sector insurers, pay about 80% of the $70 billion spent each year on cancer care

Patients -- 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year

Survivors -- 10 million and growing

Oncologists - thousands in the U.S.

Oncology Social Workers - help patients deal with the emotional distress of a diagnosis

Navigators -- escort cancer patients through the treatment process, identify supportive resources and help patient develop coping strategies