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33. Help From Nonprofits

The Internet has become the easiest way for cancer patients to educate themselves about their disease -- and the most helpful websites are run by nonprofit organizations. Some examples:

Encyclopedia Approach. These sites describe virtually every cancer type, highlighting distinct disease characteristics and treatment alternatives.
www.cancer.org (run by the American Cancer Society); www.cancer.net (run by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
Disease-Specific Sites. These focus on a single type of cancer --for example, breast cancer -- and provide exceptionally detailed information about that one disease.
www.komen.org (breast cancer); www.prostatecancerfoundation.org; www.lungcanceralliance.org
Emotional Support. These sites help patients cope with the emotional distress of a cancer diagnosis; they offer both a "1-800" helpline to speak with counselors and also "chat rooms".
www.cancercare.org; www.oncochat.org; www.thewellnesscommunity.org; www.gildasclub.org; fightingchance.org