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14. The "Societies"

The "Societies" are important for their leadership in research and there is far more research about cancer than about any other disease.

There are four exceptionally large non-profit associations -- three of them are called "societies" -- that exert major influence on the direction of cancer research and cancer care policy nationwide. They also have very user-friendly websites and pamphlets for cancer patients.

Note: All numbers approximate/estimates.


  • American Society of
    Clinical Oncology

  • Society of Surgical

  • American Assín For
    Cancer Research

  • American Cancer

  • # of Members*
  • 30,000

  • 5,000

  • 20,000

  • Chapters in
    all 50 states

  • Budget/Yr.**
  • $100 million

  • $20 million

  • $40 million

  • $850 million

  • Mission
  • Continuing education for
    oncologists who primarily see
    and treat patients in the
    doctorís office
  • Continuing education for
    oncologists who perform surgery
    on cancer patients

  • Forum to collect and compare
    laboratory research on
    anti-cancer drug development

  • Providing educational materials
    for cancer patients
    and caregivers

* approximate       ** approximate and in some cases estimated