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13. Specialized Medical Centers

Cancer is treated at hundreds of US hospitals but there are only a handful of oncology centers that are widely considered "the best of the best."

Where is the best place for a cancer patient to get treatment or a second opinion? There are 2 important "certifications" to look for .

Designations by the ("NCI") and the Nat'l Comprehensive Cancer Network ("NCCN")

Comprehensive Cancer Center

NCCN Member
Awarded by

# in the USA

Have programs that treat virtually
all cancer types; research and
community outreach are chief

An exclusive alliance of the "best
of the best" cancer centers (all are
also CCC-designated).

It is very helpful to know -- by specific cancer type -- which NCCN Hospitals are conducting the most clinical trials, and hence are more knowledgeable about that cancer.
The number of clinical trials are ongoing annually at the NCCN Hospitals.

In 2007, the largest clinical trials conducted at the largest NCCN institutions were 70 at Anderson, 40 at Memorial, and 20 at Dana Farber for lung cancer; 90 at Anderson, 50 at Memorial, and 60 at Dana Farber for breast cancer, and 10 at Anderson, 30 at Memorial and 20 at Dana Farber for pancreas cancer.